Thursday, August 9, 2007

Our Trip to the Pond

Here are some recent pictures of our trip to the pond. We made friends with some boys who love to throw the ball in the water for Kitty. Kitty had a blast running and swimming for almost 2 hours - poor thing came home and slept all night and all day. John, David, and Drew tired her out! Kitty is enjoying our hot 100 degree days, the crazy thing will lay right in the middle of the lawn with the sun blazing down right on her - probably dreaming of her working days in Afghanistan!

Uncle David, or "Dayday" as Drew calls him has been keeping all of us busy. Today the boys (minus Drew because it was too dangerous) spent the day welding a rack to hold all of John's wood in the garage. They also put hardwood flooring in the living room. It is so nice! Poor Kitty doesn't like laying on the hard floor though, she has been caught sleeping on our couch! We need to buy her a bed for downstairs so she can be comfy too!

I cleaned out under the stairs today and dug out all my pens, markers, and homeschooling paraphernalia that I have been collecting this past year. I set Drew up with a fun center for him to draw and learn. So far he loves it! We have been stamping and coloring today, oh and learning how to cut with scissors. I wish he would pick a hand though, he shifts between right and left all the time. We also worked on our colors. He doesn't quite grasp what the color is, when I ask him what the color of something is, often he will tell me the name of the object. He is getting better though... we are making show progress. Drew's speech is coming along too, he can say a lot of words but has trouble enunciating specific letters like "D" "W" "O". Still, he has dramatically improved over the summer, we are quite proud of him. Drew loves to read! He will often sit and study books during the day when we aren't busy. I bought him a new basket for his books in the living room, that way we can have a better selection available. We also went to the Goodwill and bought him a book of winter poems. His new favorite books is Richard Scarry's book of words which we found at the Goodwill for .50 cents!

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