Monday, August 13, 2007

Little Drew

Our little Drew is growing up! He is chatting up a storm and replying in sentences once in a while. Drew surprised me yesterday while I was fixing myself some cereal for a snack. Drew came over and said "mom, may I have some cereal please?" in his cute little voice. I didn't even know he could say cereal!

Drew's manners have been improving, John and I are in the habit of repeating the proper way to ask for things for example, Drew will say he wants his train, to which we reply "May I please have my train?" Just in the past few days Drew will naturally use please and thank you!

On Sunday John and Drew hung out together because mommy had a meeting at church and then slept most of the afternoon because of contractions. Drew was a little angel for his Daddy! He went with Daddy to the airport and then to a men's meeting at church which he quietly sat through. He was so well behaved that Mommy and Daddy lost track of time and ended up putting Drew to bed at 10:00 pm!

Today we worked a little on colors and Drew finally is able to pick out the color Orange! This is a huge accomplishment since we've been working on colors for a while with little success. To date, Drew knows purple, orange, white and black.

Drew is still working on learning opposites, he uses the word "up" even when he wants down or "behind" when he means in front of. He is coming along though, repeating back to him the English terms are really speeding along his learning. Drew is also learning a lot by reading! He is enthralled with the Beatrix Potter books. Just tonight we read "The Tale of Benjamin Bunny." Some of the old terminology is throwing me off though. I almost freaked out a few nights ago when reading "The Tale of Jamima Puddle duck", one of the terms Potter used for collecting sticks was a "faggot." Up until a few nights ago I thought that term was only used as a swear word, but I looked it up in the dictionary and lo and behold it us an actual word that has another meaning "a bundle of sticks and branches bound together " See, reading children's books is highly educational, even for the parents!

I finished the "Read Aloud Handbook" a week or two ago. It was wonderful! A must read for anyone with kids. I especially liked all the research and studies that were in the book, many from other countries other than the U.S.

Drew is off to bed and I am shortly going to fall behind him . My injection was today so I am hoping to feel much better tomorrow, the past few days have been very tiring with lots of contractions and pelvic pain.

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