Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Yesterday was a bad day! I had my injection the day before so I was tired and very hormonal (depressed). I decided to take Drew to Costco for dinner and then for some shopping since John had to work. We made it home and as I was talking on the phone and putting the groceries away I spot Drew jumping on the bench, the funny part was that he was jumping on the new loaves of bread I had just bought. He thought the bread felt nice and squishy between his feet! It took me a while to calm down and see the rumor in it! Poor Drew had the biggest grin on his face until he saw that mommy wasn't smiling.

Another funny happened this morning. John went into Drew's room to get him up and when he switched on the light the bulb burnt out. Drew immediately said, "ugh oh, light's broken... daddy fix it!" John explained that he had to go get some new bulbs from Home Depot so it would take a few days, to which Drew replied " I go get the ladder daddy so you can fix it!" Again John explained that he couldn't fix it without new bulbs, to which Drew exclaimed in exasperation "Daddy fix it, you fix everything broken."

Tis true! John fixes everything that is broken around our house! Drew even thought that Daddy could fix his little Tonka car that was accidentally run over by our Jetta. I slipped the condemned car in the the garbage while Drew wasn't looking. There was no salvaging that one and I didn't want to hear Drew say all day that "Daddy would fix it"!

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