Sunday, August 19, 2007

Changes for Drew

Look who was upgraded to a big boy twin bed! Drew was so excited on Saturday when he came home from Nana's and discovered that Mommy and Daddy had put up a new bed. John is still building his frame, but we wanted to get him into the new bed before preschool started in a few weeks - limiting the major changes in his life keeps us all from stressing. Drew loves it and didn't want to sleep in his crib, he now calls the crib the "baby Gabe's crib." We have picked out a first name for our little jumping son -- Gabriel, or Gabe for short. We are still discussing/arguing over a middle! Gabriel is Hebrew for "God is Mighty." I know I will need a lot of God's might to raise two boys!

His first night was, well not as easy as the first night without his "mimi." It took Drew 2 hours to fall asleep, he kept playing with the toys and jumping off the bed "like tigger" as Drew told us. Then he awoke at 2:00am not knowing where he was. He came into our bed for about an hour and fell back asleep; John took him back to bed once he moved and had his head on top of Mommy and his feet in Daddy's face! He then awoke again at 6:00 am and wanted to play. This time, we tried letting Daddy sleep with him but he kept saying "no daddy, this is "Drew's (still spoken with a grunt)" bed. Finally mommy came in and gave him a stern talking to and he went back to sleep until 8:30. Mommy and Daddy are exhausted! Tonight Sunday) Drew's sleeping has been much better, all books and toys are in his closet where he can't access them. He was given much grace last night, but tonight we were tougher and said he would be punished if he got out of bed. So far it has been 45 minutes and we haven't heard a peep out of him!

Drew spent part of today playing with his "baby" toys in his "baby" crib.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, my camera broke and John is trying to fix it. We tried having the manufacturer fix it but they wanted almost 200.00 to fix it! So, John thinks he can jury rig the battery holder with screws which should hopefully last until we have saved enough for a new one with a lifetime warranty! I did post some new pictures of Drew and his new bed on the pictures page.

John was finally given approval to go back to work part time which is a huge blessing - that means we had to get the rest of the house projects done this weekend. We moved the baby crib into the guest/baby room and John's office moved in with me! Poor Kitty was not so sure of all the moving of furniture!

Speaking of Kitty, the Tyson's came over today with baby Ethan and Kitty went crazy. She became very curious and then protective of baby Ethan, she kept smelling him and whining, then we moved her outside where she started barking and tried to jump through the back door window. Weird!She was better when we let her in again, but was obsessed with the baby. Lets hope she calms down a bit when our next little one is born. Kitty is still very protective of Drew, she treats him like her puppy. She even follows him around sniffing his diaper if he is poopy.

My injections are going very well, I have hardly had any contractions this week! My next appt. is on the 6th of September when my doctor will check my cervix for dilation and perform and fFN test. I never had a negative test with Drew so we are praying for it to be negative -- a positive test means there is a chance your body is preparing for labor.

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