Tuesday, August 7, 2007


"Wherever you cast your eyes,
there is no spot in the universe wherein
you cannot discern at least some sparks of glory."
~John Calvin

128. Sweet Drew kisses
129. a family night out for ice cream and bees wax
130. a quiet, peaceful home
131. candid and truthful teaching
132. words that just fall onto a page
133. new birth! Little Ethan has arrived 7/26/07
134. Drew’s incessant questions that seem to repeat themselves
135. Ancient history conserved in timeless artifacts; a visit to the ANCIENT TREASURES OF THE HOLY LAND
136. Having such a generous husband! He loves to give to anyone in need, what an example he is to me!
137. A handy husband who can fix anything
138. The privilege of working from home and raising my son(s) at the same time
139. The sweet taste of a ripe strawberry
140. A deposit forgotten until the checkbooks is balanced!
141. Sonogram technology which revealed our son on the screen, happily sleeping
142. a healthy baby with perfect measurements
143. a cervix measuring 3 inches and fully closed!
144. the gift of life, as I was kissing Drew to sleep last night the sirens and ambulance were blaring down the street. We later found out a mother’s 2 year old little boy had drowned in our community pool.
145. Beautiful living room floors put in my my wonderful husband and brother in law
146. Continued health during this second pregnancy
147. Drew’s proud degree “I did it!”
148. Kitty kisses
149. God’s simple request for obedience, how I love to complicate this life with my own pressures and thoughts
150. The promise from God to direct our path, the freedom that comes from fully surrendering my life, plans, and agenda – done most days on an hourly basis!

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