Monday, July 30, 2007

Weekly Family Update

We had a quiet and relaxing week. John was home for part of the week finishing up the dining room and bathroom floors. They look awesome! Drew was glad to help his Daddy by handing out kisses, dropping the drill on his bare feet, loosing wrench sockets, and running around the house yelling "Daddy's Home." John found an Armatron at a garage sale this weekend for 1.00 - you should have seen how excited John was. Now John and Drew fight over who will be playing with it. John has even taken to hiding it around the house in hopes that Drew will forget it exists... so far all attempts have failed!

We visited our good friends the Tyson's on Friday - they finally, after three attempted inductions, delivered a healthy baby boy named Ethan. Ethan is adorable and Drew loved to give him kisses. We did have to explain to Drew that Ethan was not our baby, our baby is still safely cooking in mommy's tummy. Drew really wanted to take Ethan home with him!

On Sunday Drew, Nana, Shannon, Jonathan, and I headed to the Chisholm water park for a fun two hours of play. Both boys were exhausted when we were done. Drew loved playing with his buddy Jonathan! I sat and chatted with Shannon and my mom while the boys played on the water structure.

The pregnancy is going well, only three more days until we find out what we are having - boy or girl? My money is on a girl, so we will see if that female intuition is working properly. The baby is very active and loves kicking my while I am trying to fall asleep. My injections are going very well! So well that I am hoping to have them every 6 days instead of 7. I've noticed a pattern that on the 6 and 7th day the heaviness in my abdomen gets worse and I am having more frequent contractions. We shall see what the Dr. says on Wednesday. I now officially look pregnant, no hiding it!

John just finished a workbench for someone and has been spending ample hours in the garage making various projects for people. I am so glad he is able to bring in some extra income since he can't go back to work yet. Our family has been reading a lot more after our enlightening read of "The Read Aloud Handbook." This book is awesome! Drew can now sit for 30+ minutes and listen to books. He loves for John and I to read to him aloud and will even find a quiet corner for his own reading time. John and I have also been reading together at night. John is busy finishing the book about fun boy things to teach sons and I just finished the Amethyst Heart. I also have three additional books that I am 1/3-1/2 of the way through. John is also reading his Carpentry magazines and coming up with lots of ideas for projects around the house.

Our Sermon on Sunday, so simplistic, yet convicting, has John and I both thinking a lot about our attitudes on contentment or really discontentment. The passage was from 1 Timothy chapter 6, in summary we learned that as Christians we love to complicate life with rules, controversial doctrine and tons of activities which clutter our lives and limit God's ability to us. To be effective and used by God all we must have is a: submissive spirit that respects authority, contentment in everything (situations, money, etc) , and a heart that seeks after holiness and righteousness (becoming more like Jesus by serving others). I will post a link to the broadcast once it is available because it was wonderful.

I have some video's and pictures to post a little later!

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