Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Week 18

Ears move to their final position and they stand out from the head. And start brushing up on your lullabies — in the coming weeks, your baby will probably be able to hear! The bones of the middle ear and the nerve endings from the brain are developing so that your baby will hear sounds such as your heartbeat and blood moving through the umbilical cord. He or she may even be startled by loud noises! Your baby's eyes are also developing — they're now facing forward rather than to the sides, and the retinas may be able to detect the beam of a flashlight if you hold it to your abdomen.
Until now, your baby's
bones had been developing but were still soft. This week, they begin to harden, or ossify. Some of the first bones to ossify are those in the clavicles and the legs.
This week the baby has been much less active - not sure why. He/She may have moved which is making it harder to feel the kicks and squirms. I have had more energy and since the Texas rain stopped and have resumed my walking routine. Drew and Kitty are very happy to be outside again, yesterday Drew enjoyed drenching himself with the hose and washing his "jeep."
My injections are starting this Thursday, our prayers were answered, we found a Pharmacy that will mix the drug I need and it won't cost an insane amount of money. The in home health care was denied by my insurance company, so I will be driving to the doctors office each week. Not a huge deal, at least I will be able to get the medication which was questionable yesterday.

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