Sunday, July 15, 2007

This Week In Pictures

Here are a few pictures from this week. Click on the link to the right "Williams Photo Album" to see more! New video's have been posted too!
This weekend was all play! On Saturday John was busy helping some friends so Drew and I had a fun morning out. First we went to the park and played for hours. Drew loved the swings and the slides. He immediately attached himself to this Dad who had brought his daughter to the park. No matter how much I tried to distract him and play with him, he always ended up over with that daddy. Drew is like that, if his daddy isn't with him he will find another man and "hang out" with him. We also played in the sand box and learned how to climb up a rock wall. Then, Mommy had to use the restroom so we ended up at McDonald's for a lunch time treat. Drew enjoyed his fries and hamburger. Then he played in the play area. He actually got lost in the maze and started crying out for me. There was no way my pregnant self would have made it so I asked some nice little boys to help me out. They were quite pleased to play the hero and go in and get Drew down. Drew was cautious after that to venture too far up the play structure.
On Sunday we all went to church and then home for a trip to the pool. We tried to get Drew acclimated to the water. He isn't very good at challenging himself in area's where he is fearful. The pool being one of them! So, John and I tried to get him to use his water wings and kick by himself. He tried it for a while and then wanted back in the ring. He now likes floating around in the swim ring!
Drew's adventurous spirit has blossomed the last three weeks. He now actually plays with things - mainly his trains, dinosaurs, and cars. He also loves to watch this cute show called "The Little Einsteins" that a friend let us borrow. The show is so cute, it immerses the kids into classical music, musical terms, and famous artwork. It all centers around these little kids and their rocket that do on adventures around the world. Drew now loves to sing phrases from classical pieces and even knows some musical terms. We can only let him watch the 30 minute show once or twice a week though, otherwise he is constantly asking to watch "Einsteins" and driving us crazy. His TV watching is saved for special occasions, like when mommy is a desperate need of a nap!
Kitty is happy the weather is getting hot, crazy dog. She goes outside and sits directly in the suns path. She loves it! Her and Drew are playing constantly and Kitty may move in with Drew once a big boy bed is introduced. Kitty loves to go to the park and loose her toys. We have spent so much money on Kong balls for her and all of them get lost. Her water toys also seems to disappear and the bones we buy her are gone within the hour. She loves to chew, but we are lucky she only chews the things we give her. She is excellent at cleaning up Drew's plate and underneath the table too.
Well, best get back to laundry!

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