Sunday, July 22, 2007

Our Week

Our family had a great week, Mommy closed the books and managed to find some time to bake Daddy a pie .... with Drew's help! As you can see Drew is turning into a little baker, he loves to measure, roll out pie crust and spill sugar and flour all over the floor.

John spent the week going to Dr. appointments, working his handyman business, and laying our new floors. He is also adding wainscoting and trim work in the bathrooms! It looks beautiful. I will take some pictures and post them soon.

Drew spent his week playing at Nana's in the mornings, playing with friends, visiting the pool and jumping around the house with his trains. Every morning Drew spends time playing trains and setting up new tracks. We have also been intentionally reading to Drew more so his attention span has expanded! We actually read a lengthy book last night by Max Lucado and he lasted through the whole thing. Currently his favorite books are: Peter Ra bit, Green Eggs and Ham and Chuga Chuga Choo Choo. Drew's vocabulary is growing leaps and bounds, I can't believe all that has changed over the summer. He is also growing taller and his feet are outgrowing his shoes... its about time! Drew loves for things to be broken so he can fix them and his new phrase when one of his trains doesn't work is "its broken, batteries died." Drew is anxious for a new sister or brother to play with. He loves to kiss mommy's tummy and hear the heartbeat.

The baby is growing and moving. This week I think my hips widened because my pelvic bone has started throbbing when I walk. A very familiar feeling that I conveniently forgot about with Drew's pregnancy. I think someone said I officially was "waddling" at church today but my tummy isn't poked out enough yet to be classified as "big and pregnant." We are anxiously awaiting August 1st and another Dr. Appointment to make sure all is well. I have been relaxing a little more just to insure contractions don't start, last time they started around 20 weeks, I just didn't know what they were at the time. He/She is moving a lot and kicking vigorously! John still can't feel the kicking, but should be able too soon. He can hear her move with the Doppler, it it quite funny.

Oh, Drew watched his first movie last night. We had a movie night, I cooked popcorn and added sugar and cinnamon ... yummy! We camped out on the floor and watched Charlotte's Web. Drew loved the story, especially Wilbur, but hated the spider. He hid his head every time she was building a new web. He also didn't understand where they all went once the movie ended. He kept asking, "Mommy, where's Wilbur go?" We also went and got Drew a hair cut yesterday. He was much better and even played with the trains ... after the haircut was over.

I posted a new video of Drew baking Daddy his pie!

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