Sunday, July 15, 2007

More Gifts from Heaven

101. Knowing there will be many accomplishments next to John’s name when he gets to heaven, but the most influential will be the way he loved me.
102. A Strawberry Rhubarb pie that looks beautiful – not like the few I’ve made in the past that tasted great but the pie looked a little deformed.
103. Visiting family members that take time for a visit
104. Grilled Salmon
105. A son with graceful speech
106. Continued low blood pressure
107. a surprise latte from my sweet husband
108. Fresh, ripening cherries at a great price
109. my little boys face smothered in chocolate cake
110.0 great friends who talk to me into the wee hours
111. God’s protection over our children, especially when we are not there to protect them
112. 2 dozen roses presented to me “just because”
113. new flooring
114. stains on the carpet soon to be replaced
115. sweet July rain that cools the heat by 20 degrees
116. the “woosh, wooshing” heartbeat of this new life inside
117. Drew’s intoxicating smile as he proclaims “I did it mommy!”
118. new little friends who guide my lost son out of the McDonald's’s play maze
119. Drew’s face of gladness and screams of “Mommy, Mommy” when he finally sees me
120. the inner workings of a man, so different than myself, yet necessary
121. Books – they take us on a journey deep into the imagination, teach and instruct us on hard life lessons we hopefully won’t have to experience
122. Modern medication to keep me from going on to premature labor
123. Oh… and medicine at a great price
124. a nap after a long morning
125. The smell of baking Angle Food Cake
126. Pool times and lots of giggles!
127. Quiet intimate talks while laying in bed with my love

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