Thursday, July 12, 2007

Injections Have Begun

I just finished up my first Hydroxyprogesterone injection of an 18 week series. It went very well! It only took about 5 hours to find a pharmacy that would specially mix it for me. After battling with the insurance company all day Monday, we just decided to pay for it out of pocket. This small private pharmacy was much cheaper than the online quotes we were receiving so that was a huge blessing! God was so good to turn a hopeless situation into a joyful one. We are anxiously awaiting August 1st - it is both Grandma Patti's birthday and the day we get to see out little girl/boy on the screen! Hopefully it will reveal the gender too! Drew is anxiously awaiting his new friend, just yesterday he wanted to know when the baby could come play with him. He also loves to give mommy's tummy kisses and hear the baby's heartbeat on the fetal monitor. Drew likes hearing his own heart on the monitor too.

John is busy working his handyman business, he just finished up remodeling someones bathroom. It turned out really nice! Now he is working for an interior decorator making custom boxes to be placed above the windows for window treatments. He is also laying our new flooring in the dining room since the flooding required us to rip out the carpet a few weeks ago. I will post pictures when we are all done. Oh John also bought me 2 dozen roses yesterday just because! He also bought himself and Drew a book called The Dangerous Books For Boys watch the video attached to the link below the book description, it is so cute. Drew and Daddy will have lots of fun with this book!



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