Thursday, July 12, 2007

Honoring John

Well, my goal to think less of myself and more about honoring my sweet husband didn't go so well last week, I admit I was pretty selfish and it showed. I was so tired and had very little energy for feet rubs and encouraging words. No excuses, I was just plain lazy. My sweetheart spent a lot of time encouraging me and giving me neck rubs last week. The first 7 days of each month really are hard, long nights closing the books and long days too! John is always especially sweet during these times, I am sure he has it as a reminder written in his calendar! John is always careful to keep his schedule clear those days so I can work and not stress about life. He consistently covers the housework and dinners for that week too and puts Drew to bed. The first week of the month is Drew and Daddy time, they go to the park and work in the garage a lot! I am very blessed. Did I mention that he brought me home 2 dozen roses too?

I am encouraged to say this past week has gone much better than the last! Now that the month is almost closed I have had more brain energy to think of ways to serve John. Today Drew and I washed Daddy's car. John also loves it when I read out loud to him, so I've been reading to him each night. John loves encouraging words and foot rubs so those have been dispersed too. It is amazing how small 2 degree changes change the atmosphere in the home so quickly. I've noticed that we are both sweeter to one another, we are communication more and haven't had little tiffs for quite a while. It is really nice to think about the needs of my family over my own, I tend to worry less and am more disciplined at getting things done each day.

Drew loves the changes too, he tends to get more book time and fun, stimulating activities. Drew is at a fun age where every morning is like Christmas, a new day with fun toys and adventures to be explored. Drew's always jumping in his crib when I go to get him up and his eyes glisten just thinking about trains and drills and dinosaurs that are waiting to be played with.

"...but those who are according to the spirit, set their mind on the things of the spirit... for the mind set on the spirit is life and peace."
Romans 8:5b & 6b
Lord, may I continue to have endurance to set my mind and heart on those things that really matter each day:
Self Control


blackpurl said...

May God's blessing be on you this week as you work on your goals.

I love meditating on the fruit of the spirit. Thanks so much for posting that verse!

Christine said...

You are so right that minor changes affect the mood of the home. So much of that is up to us as moms and wives!!

Blessings and glad you had a good week!