Sunday, July 1, 2007

Baby is Kicking

Today the baby has been very active - already kicking away at me. I have another Dr. Appointment tomorrow to go over the process for the progesterone injections and check the baby's growth. I think my uterus already dropped (not good) about 2 weeks ago. I wasn't feeling much pressure on the bladder and all of a sudden there has been pressure. I am going to see if the Dr can check that tomorrow.

Drew had a fun week, he played with Riley across the street the first part of the week, then his friend Jonathan the last two days. Drew love to follow Jonathan around imitating him . They both played trains and bikes in the front yard. They are so cute together - when they are both behaving and sharing toys! We also went to Oklahoma for the weekend to visit my sister and her husband. We had a lot of fun visiting and seeing their new house. My aunt from Grants Pass has been visiting so it has been fun showing her around and catching up! Drew was just weighed last week and came in at 25.5 pounds - he is getting up there! His 18 month clothes are getting a little small... finally! Drew has been playing a lot with his Daddy's drill, fixing everything in sight! He even took the spoiler off the electric Jeep he rides because he said it was broken (the battery needed to be charged!). Drew and I baked two Strawberry Rhubarb pies for Daddy this week. Drew loved mixing, pouring, measuring, and playing in all the flour! We learned about measurements and how to roll out pie crust. Drew loves to cook with Mommy! He stands on his little step stool and imitates mommy with rolling pins, measuring cups, and baking ingredients!

One cute story to leave with: on Tuesday I was outside watering my plants and a giant spider jumped out from one of the plants. I normally don't get too excited about spiders, but this one was a huge Wolf Spider -they are big and ugly! I called John from the garage, who immediately thought I was overreacting until he saw the size of it! John quickly looked around for something to kill it with and found my gardening glove. He squished it and carried it to the garbage. Drew watched this whole ordeal in complete silence! A few moments later Drew toddles up the front walk with my green glove covering his right hand. "Mommy" Drew says, "where are the spiders! I want to get the spiders too!" Drew loves to emulate his Daddy!

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