Friday, June 15, 2007

This Week

We have been so busy this week! John was invited to a Teachers job fair on Wednesday and has been fervently filling out applications. Earlier in the week he was checking and proofing his resume, making it just perfect.He has also been helping me clean the house! Oh, and I can't forget that he added a sprinkler system to my new flower beds in the back yard and completed the doors on his garage shelves. What a busy man!

Drew has been following Daddy everywhere! He is enjoying his summer of fun, going swimming, taking Kitty to the pond, playing with Nana in the afternoons and visiting his Friend Riley. Drew's vocabulary has really increased, we are working on the pronunciations of his words - Drew loves to leave off the ending of words which makes is very hard to understand. We have also been working on manners - please, thank you, waiting until dinner is over to be excused, not whining, sharing with friends, etc. It is rather tiring, but John is home to back me up! Drew has been showing improvements though, he really enjoys reading books and reciting the words after mommy. Oh, one funny story, I can't recall if I've shared yet. In Oregon, John was sprinkling white flowers over Drew and kept telling him it was snowing. Somehow, in Drew's little mind, he thought that whatever is the color white must be "snow." So, a few weeks back Drew kept asking for Snow and we couldn't figure it out, then Drew called his milk "snow" and we discovered that was his word for milk. Now, we all call milk "snow" - I wonder if we will all grow out of it?

Kitty, as John says, is getting fat. So we took her to the pond yesterday for a real workout. Would you believe she swam the length of the pond - straight down the middle - I don't know the exact distance, but it was approximately 2 football fields in length. It took her about 10 minutes - she loved it! You should have seen the faces of all the fishermen as she just swam about 40 feet out, determined to enjoy her freedom. Then, thinking she was exhausted I wanted to go home, but John thought he would play a few games with her. She ran and ran for an additional 45 minutes and she still didn't look tired. I don't know if there is anything that will wear her out - she has quite the endurance! Last night she slept on the floor with John and I, watching Lord of the Rings: The return of the King. She loved the fight scenes and snored her way through the rest. Tonight we are off for a walk to find her ball that got stuck in the mud.

Well, off to eat some dinner! Some new swimming pictures should be posted tonight!

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