Monday, June 18, 2007

Thanks Be to God for His Indescribable Gifts

29. a husband who freely changes Drew’s diaper and enjoys tucking him in at night.
30. The morning call from the crib “Mama… Mama”
31. Morning smiles and shouts of laughter as Drew realized it is another day of fun with much adventure to be found
32. overhearing John give Drew verbal encouragement
33. watching Drew cautiously enter the children’s swimming pool with a pensive look on his face
34. the freedom and privilege of listening to God’s plan for handling money through Crown’s daily radio broadcast (
35. Watching Drew and Daddy wrestle on the floor until both are exhausted
36. Drew saying “ Daddy, you ok?” and then kissing his bubo
37. Laughter in the walls
38. Drew dancing and jumping to music while mommy plays the drums
39. The calm that comes after the storm
40. The privilege and opportunity to disciple this little child
41. Two months of working on colors with Drew, slow progress, yet he does know two – white and pink!
42. Books, books, Books!
43. A date out with my sweetie, his smiling face after driving me 35 minutes for a hormonal burrito from Baja Fresh
44. A date night to the book store where dreams are made and futures planned
45. a little boy clutching proudly his daddy’s drill
46. Evening delights as Drew cries “Daddy’s home” and the smile that crosses his face when Daddy comes up to meet him
47. Cries of joy while wrestling “am I hurt, or should I continue?”
48. Obeying the command to “give thanks in everything” I am thankful for a flooded carpeted dining room, it means that hardwood floors may be sooner than we thought!
49. the scent of lighting a new candle
50. Babies to rock in the nursery
51. God’s humbling mercy
52. a mothers visit
53. a clean kitchen after a long day of cooking
54. My husband, the best father and leader! Thanks for a great year of servant leadership
55. John’s smelly clothes after a long day’s work
56. Drew’s smelly feet that resemble his daddy’s!
57. A happy hearted child that obeys his mommy
58. Dirty clothes in the hamper
59. an unexpectedly made bed
60. Kitty’s nuzzle asking me to “please rub my tummy!”
61. a hushed Sunday afternoon listening to the worship songs of old
62. Drew lost in the world of a classic Whiney the Pooh book – “I want to be Tigger today mommy!” he replies as bouncing across the room.
63. Hearing John’s voice on the other end of the phone
64. the storms of life - only a few present today!

65. a life of purpose

66. one lone muscular kick from my little one growing inside

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