Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away

Last year at this time Texas was in a major drought - crops were failing, water restrictions were in effect, burn bans were everywhere. Not so this year, we have had more rain just this month than in all of 2006. On Monday night we had the worst storm I've ever been in. The thunder woke us up around 1:00 am and lasted until 3:00 am. Our power went out, the fuse box went off, and anywhere from 5.5-7 inches of water flooded the streets. We even had hail. I had the thought cross my mind that the end of the world may have come. It was so scary yet there was a peace knowing we were being sheltered from the storm inside our home. I now have a real life experience to visualize when I picture the Lord sheltering me from the storms of life.

Poor Kitty ran into our bedroom and cowered next to the bed; she didn't like it one bit. She slept there all night and managed to not snore! The cats also found comfort on our bed, it was a huge slumber party minus Drew. Drew slept through the whole 2 hour ordeal! We had another storm hit again this morning but it only dropped about 2 inches of rain. I heard that another storm is on its way for tonight. Pray it doesn't drop more that 4-5 inches or we may be flooding again.

John and I thought we had weathered the storm without injury, only to wake to a flooded dining room. The water backed up so far that water came in the weep holes at the front of the house. Today, after airing out the dining room for 2 days we finally decided to rip out the carpet and dry out the cement floor. What fun! The carpet was starting to smell like mildew .. yucky.
The plan is to put in purgo/hard wood to replace the carpet we just tore up. We were so blessed to see that the water was contained in the dining room!

The whole town was effected by the flooding, roads are closed, ponds overflowed banks, garbage is everywhere because it hit on garbage day and the water rushing down the streets taking garbage cans with them. Our recycling bin was found a day later down around the corner.

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