Saturday, June 23, 2007

Night #1

Last night was Drew's last night with his "Mimi" (passy). As a special treat we let Drew play all day long without a nap = hoping he would be more tired tonight for bedtime. Drew had such a fun time playing outside with Mommy and Daddy, playing in the garage, swimming at the pool, playing chase, driving his jeep on the sidewalk, and having a picnic lunch in the garage! Tonight at bedtime, eyelids drifting downward, we explained to Drew that he is a big boy and doesn't need Mimi anymore. I bought him a new train and gave it to him. I said "instead of your Mimi you can play with your special train in bed." I even played a special boz CD for him to fall asleep to. Drew was very excited until the lights went out and the door was closed. Then he cried for his Mimi. Oh, how guilty I felt! Poor little guy. He has slept every night for 2 1/2 years with a Mimi!

It took Drew about 1 hour to fall asleep. He stopped crying after 5 minutes, but kept asking for Daddy or Water or Snow or a new shirt, etc. Everything but Mimi. Finally the sound dissipated and he fell asleep for the first time without Mimi. I hope he stays asleep all night! Please pray the transition goes smoothly for him.


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