Wednesday, June 13, 2007

More Gifts

20. The faultless Hydrangea Bush along the side yard, coming out in awesome bloom - the first bloom of the season.
21. Reading Whiney the Pooh to Drew while he asks “where’s Eeyore mommy” over and over again
22. Running after Drew with his stuffed horsey while loudly humming “William Tells Overture,” then listening to Drew say “more horsey mommey.”
23. Ironing my husbands shirt as he gets ready for a job interview
24. Reading his perfectly worded resume for the first time
25. The growth smell of my cascading petunias as they begin to drape over my brick wall
26. Drew slipping his head onto my shoulder as I read
27. Laughter when I realize that Drew has been telling me repeatedly that the picture in the book is of a digger… and he is correct – funny how he knows diggers and fire trucks but has not interest in knowing what color they are.
28. That relaxing moment at night when I realize that all is asleep and the house has been tidied

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