Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More Gifts to Report

67. Day by day renewal (2 Corinthians 4:16)
68. a Fathers Day German Chocolate cake
69. Drew and Daddy “saving the house from dust bugs”
70. A night out with good friends
71. a freshly mowed lawn
72. a clean, naked little boy running around before bedtime
73. watching Drew take his first bubble bath
74. Drew’s intoxicating smile
75. a quick meal with little cleanup
76. John’s sweet and joyful mood in the mornings before church
77. Worship music that searches my soul and draws out repentance
78. Medicine to calm heartburn!
79. a good nights sleep
80. A smiling child after his first nights sleep without his “Mimi”
81. watching Drew jump around the house using sweet words as he goes
82. dinner guests who bring Chocolate cake
83. Drew steering his Jeep down the street waving as he goes
84. A peaceful latte before church
85. Drew sitting in my lap watching home movies
86. Drew falling asleep without “Mimi” for the second night in a row – only 45 minutes of talking to himself
87. watching home video’s of Drew’s birth and our “younger” bodies!
88. John’s sweet words of affirmation
89. an early nights sleep
90. The Tiger Movie – Drew was so excited because the two of us sat down and watched it together – Drew pointed out every time Eeyore came onto the scene
91. Serving John ice-cream
92. Root beer Popsicles
93. Psalms 106:1 – God’s enduring love
94. . words of gold
95. . homecomings
96. Tylenol for headaches!
97. forgiveness for ill words spoken in haste
98. a husband who calls me during the day just to say “I’m thinking of you.”
99. John’s handy man business
100. A “Mimi” less house and a very cheerful little boy (Drew’s attitude has been exceptionally wonderful and pleasant for the last two weeks)

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