Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Singing Songs of Thanksgiving!

John found out today that he doesn't need surgery! The herniated disk looked a lot better according to the second MRI - God is good! The doctor is sending John into "traction" when he returns from Oregon and has a pain management doctor calling him to set up a drug program; hopefully one that will allow him to sleep. The drugs he is currently taking for his nerve problem keeps him awake all night. We are so happy he doesn't need surgery, the surgery the doctor spoke about was too invasive, it involved moving John's vocal cords and being in bed for at least a month. This plan is much better!

John and Drew leave Saturday for Oregon - they will enjoy 4 fun filled days of male bonding without mommy. I will get a wonderful vacation, I can actually clean the house and enjoy having it stay just the way I left it - no messy hands leaving stains and muddy feet to track in dirt! There are carpets to be shampooed and my office needs a thorough organizing!

Today was the first day I have felt normal since the pregnancy began! I actually mowed the lawn and didn't need any naps! That is huge. I also managed to clean the kitchen and wash two loads of laundry - all that after working in the morning. I haven't been sick all day and I was able to keep water down! Drew and I played outside all evening and John went to a friends to "play." It has been a blessed day! It is amazing how wonderful life is when you aren't sick and tired! I even had energy to take some pictures and video's of Drew.

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