Friday, May 4, 2007

Sick & Tired yet Thankful

The past few weeks I have been feeling the signs of Morning Sickness - I don't know why they call it that because I have it all day and night. I'm holding onto hope that it gets better after 12 weeks - only 3+ weeks left! I didn't have morning sickness with Drew, so this is a very new experience. Poor John has been working hard around the house and taking Drew a lot so I can nap and relax. I am trying hard to look at feeling lousy as a blessing because the end result is totally worth it! We are very thankful to add another arrow to our family!

Our fast is over! I had a Taco Bell burrito yesterday and man was it yummy! We were so excited to see that we saved almost enough money to pay for our upcoming trip to Oregon this May! That was exciting! John and I both learned a lot during the fast, especially the difference between "wants" and "needs." I was able to kick my addiction for coffee! It is already May 4th and I have yet to get that urge for a Cinnamon Dulce Latte - I even have a gift card with 50.00 waiting on it. We purchased our tickets and will be flying into Portland on 5/23 and leaving 6/3 - it should be a fun relaxing trip home!

Drew has been so rambunctious lately; his high energy level never stops. This week he painted a Caterpillar at school and his teacher said he wanted to cover every square inch of the cardboard before moving on. he is going to be detail oriented! Drew has turned into Mommy's little helper - throwing things aware, getting me things, helping with the dishes, feeding the dog, etc. He loves to say thank you (DAQUO) and Yes (Da). He jabbers non stop too! Today he picked up his room and put all his blankets in his crib. When he was done he found me and said "all done mommy." How sweet! Drew is suck a little blessing always willing to please you with a joyful spirit. His laugh lately has been very contagious! Drew loves to laugh and get tickled or chased by someone! Oh, Drew is also getting more into books! He actually will sit by himself and read. He has been asking me to read him different books too - I was really getting tired of Goodnight Moon, and Thomas books - my am I tired of Thomas books!

Sorry there aren't any new pictures or video's - I haven't had much extra energy lately. I will try and take some this weekend. We have a birthday party on Sunday afternoon and are having a garage sale on Saturday so there will be plenty of opportunities for pictures!


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Bethany O said...

Hey girl!!! I'm sooo excited for you guys & the new little sea monkey! I hope you look pregnant when you come to Oregon so I can see it :). Can't wait to see you guys!! Hurry up!!