Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Our First Pictures

We went in for our first checkup yesterday. Drew was able to come along and see his new baby sister/brother on the screen - he was so excited! He kept saying "Mommy, baby sleeping...." then when they were checking me Drew came over and kept saying. "Mommy. you OK?" Drew is such a sensitive little man.
We heard the heartbeat and even saw the baby move. It looks nice and comfy! The pictures show the baby's head on the right hand side, and the hands and leg buds are towards the left. I couldn't believe that at only 8 weeks we could already make out a baby on the screen.
The doctor said everything looked perfect, Home Health will be stopping by my house weekly starting at 18 weeks to give me progesterone injections which should hopefully keep me out of the hospital, off bed rest, and the little one out of the NI CU.
So, I am thinking we are having a little girl and John is set that it's a boy. We will be finding out in 3 more months.

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