Friday, May 11, 2007

A Mother's Heart

I had the liberty of dissecting a mother's heart. As I approached the heart, I was aware of a thick red substance oozing out of it. I studied this weird substance and found it to be love. The heart appeared to be so full of love that it couldn't hold it all in!
In examining the heart, I found nerves that were attached to every part of the body. At first I didn't see a nerve going from the heart to the hands. But in looking closer, I found that this nerve had been used so much, forgiving and helping, that it was worn and thin.
After cutting into the heart, I could see that there had been many times when the heart had been broken. But the red substance had filled the cracks and, in time, made them disappear.
There are many cavities in the heart. The first one I explored contained patience. On the walls of the cave, I observed markings (like high-water markings) that indicated the levels of patience she had during her life.
All through the heart, I noticed huge orange clumps. At first they didn't look like anything special; but in taking out my microscope and examining them further, I found them to be clumps of caring and understanding.
The next cavity I entered looked to me like a library. The shelves were full of books of wisdom. Most of the books are old and worn. From this cavity, there was a special cord to the mouth. It appeared that this had been used a lot for teaching others.
Everything in the heart seemed to be very warm and bright until I came upon one small area. It was dark and cold and hidden way back in the heart. There were protective vines growing through this little space; intertwined with these vines were little petals of worry.
I have seen these vines grow in other hearts and finally strangle and kill them.
Surprisingly enough though, through this whole heart, I could not find a trace of vanity or conceit. Everything that was seen exuded love and kindness.

Jennifer Jones

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