Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"Living...Laughing...Loving... Learning"

"Living...Laughing...Loving... Learning" is the William's Family Motto. Today we tried to laugh as Drew learned that taking a permanent marker to the seats in Daddy's car wasn't the best idea. Permanent, black ink on brown seats appears to be very noticeable. In taking an optimistic look, Daddy can see Drew's artistic flare each day as he gets into his car!

John went in yesterday for a series of MRI's and CAT Scans. The doctor injected John with radioactive die and took some pictures of John standing on his head.... literally! The good news - his CAT scan showed no head trauma or brain injuries! No, the accident hurt his neck but they took a CAT Scan of his neck and the brain just so happened to be included. The bad news was given to John last week, he was instructed by his doctor not to work at all - especially on concrete. God has been so good! Our fast last month increased our savings and John has scheduled some easy handy man work with one of his Southlake clients. This will allow him to bring in a little income until August when he hopefully will begin teaching. Please pray that surgery is not needed for John's neck! He goes in tomorrow and the doctor will share the results of the MRI.

Our little embryo is 10 weeks old today. I can hardly believe we are 1/4 the way. Children are such a blessing, Drew has radically changed our lives. Just yesterday John and I were watching Drew show off in the living room and we asked ourselves "what did we do for entertainment before he arrived?" Drew has been keeping both John and I on our toes lately. He has discovered tantrums - - in public. Last week I left the barber totally embarrassed because of Drew's horrible behavior - it consisted of throwing a train in anger, screaming and throwing himself on the floor in hopes of not getting a haircut, kicking, and being tied into a chair. I left quite red in the face and so did Drew because he received a nice spanking once we were safely in the car. He tried the same thing at school Monday and again in Target...ugh! The good news, I took him to Home Depot today as a test, I spelled out the expectations and the consequences, put him in the basket and after one reminder he was perfect! The joys of mothering! Drew keeps me on my toes, constantly thinking about how to mold him into a godly young man... what a privilege.

Lately Drew has been repeating his nightly prayers after John or I. It is adorable, I need to get it on tape. He repeats "Tha you Jesus por this food, tha you por my mommy and DADDY. Amen" He has started watching John and I pray and is enthralled with folding his hands just perfect.

Well, best get off to bed. John will be in soon from the garage. John is spending his free time building doors for the garage shelves! They look awesome! Oh, one more praise. Would you believe John's car passed the state inspection today. John prayed hard over the car before he took it in because he knew he wouldn't be able to fix the car if something was wrong -- doctor's orders, no climbing under cars! Thank you Lord for health, happiness, and a old 1995 car that doesn't need repairs!


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