Monday, May 14, 2007

Goodbye School

Today was Drew's last day at school until the Fall. Mommy will miss being off duty on Monday's and Drew will miss playing with all his friends. The teachers put together a scrapbook of Drew's year at school, he was able to learn so many "life" lessons and grow with his speech and his sharing skills. He enjoyed playing with paint, going to music class, dancing, jumping, playing in the gym, and listening to lots of books. This past year Drew has become very social and longs for the next time he will play with his friends. This weekend Drew went to a neighbor's birthday at "The Little Gym" - he had a blast running, tumbling, jumping, throwing balls, and being your typical boy. He loved eating the cake - so much so that he grabbed two forks and ate with both hands!

The good news is Drew will be back to school in the Fall two days a week! Meanwhile we are working at home teaching Drew his colors, letters and numbers 1-10. We are also trying to get him to pronounce his letters correctly but aren't having much success. He still calls himself a grunt, he can't pronounce his "D's" or "W's" so saying Drew is very hard for him. We did discover that "kitty car" is actually referring to the "train tracks." Go figure on that one!

I will try and post pictures of Drew's scrapbook soon!


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