Monday, May 7, 2007


Drew loves to wear our shoes around the house! He has BIG shoes to fill, especially after our news today. We are so proud of John, he found out that he passed his teaching exam on the first try! Wow! Now, John will begin 4 intense weeks of training July 7th which will prepare him for his first teaching position. We are fairly certain that he will begin teaching at the beginning of the school year = late August, but nothing is for sure so please pray that he is hired quickly.

I pray that Drew grows to be just like his Daddy, he will make some sweet girl very happy!

Drew had a little music recital at school today, we took a few pictures and enjoyed seeing what his Monday's look like. Drew loves school and will be very sad in one more week when it is all over for the summer.

I am feeling a little better! I started downing tons of juice and green tea, the plain water was making me very ill. The green tea isn't very tasteful but tolerable and I am very thankful to not feel so nauseous all the time. John and I went on a date yesterday night, we went to see Spiderman 3, it was very good. John was so sweet to think of the idea, I really had wanted away from my messy house!

I updated the pictures page, so click on the link to the right (William's Photo's) to see more.

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