Sunday, April 29, 2007

We Are Expecting!

Yes, the news is true. Drew will be a big brother! We are due December 11, and are currently 8 weeks along. I will post his/her first pictures tomorrow after our doctor's appointment. We will also know soon what exactly this pregnancy could entail, I know for sure I will be on progesterone injections each week, but I don't know when those will start. We are praying that this pregnancy is much simpler than our last - though the pain was worth having little Drew.

Speaking of Drew, he has turned into our little helper! He is always willing to listen and obey, he has been putting his milk cup in the fridge, throwing things away, he even helped me make the bed. His attitude has been wonderful, he has hardly had any fits and has been using his manners like "please" and thank you." He is also routinely saying "yes mommy" when I ask him to do something! Such a joy to be around! Drew enjoyed spending all day with Daddy yesterday while mommy went scrapbooking with her friend Nicole. Drew and Daddy went to the gun shop and visited, then went to the park and then on to Cabella's to see the elephants. Drew's little face was glowing with glee from all the fun and bonding!

Also, there are links to the right to view Drew's pictures and video's - they are listed under "Williams Photo Album" and " Williams Videos"! I hope you like the new site, it is so much easier for me to post stories, links, add pictures, etc. You can also leave comments under any of the blogs.


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