Wednesday, April 4, 2007

This past week has been so fun! My Grandma Patti came for a visit. She took me to the park and let me get all muddy! We read books and played in the backyard. On Wednesday Mommy took the day off work and we went to Story Time and the Library and then drove 45 minutes to Garland to pick up some plants. Then we came home and spent the afternoon planting. Grandma, Daddy and I finished building mommy's blower boxes in the backyard while mommy planted and spread about 100 bags of dirt. We have tons of fun getting muddy!

I am now speaking in sentences about 30% of the time. I have also changed mommy's name to Mom. Yesterday I found a weird object in the back yard, I took it to mom and said "Mom, what is it?" as I proudly held out my dead June bug. Mommy told me it was a dead bug. I then ran around the house yelling "dead bug... dead bug." It was so cute that Mommy had to call Daddy on the phone and let him listen. I found a Lego man in the bathtub yesterday and proudly announced to mom that he was "the daddy." I insisted on taking him to bed with me and had to play with him this morning.I miss my Daddy! I am finally getting my last molar! In another week I should be all done teething!

This weekend I went to visit Thomas the Train in Grapevine. I was able to ride on the train and get my picture taken with Thomas. I also played with Thomas trains and watched a magic show. I went with my buddy Jonathan and enjoyed playing with him.

Please pray for me Daddy, his back and neck are giving him a lot of pain. The doctor has him on pain medications but he is going to need some injections and at least one surgery to correct the problem. Mommy & Daddy are still praying about what to do next.


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