Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easter & Family Life

For the month of April John and I are fasting, we wanted to see what life, and our checkbook would look like without television, spending money, going to Starbucks, eating out, etc. The first week was awful, but now that we are almost two weeks into the fast some good things are happening - a few more closets are organized, our savings so far total approx. 300.00, Drew & Kitty are enjoying all the extra walks, and John's garage is actually fairly clean! My hunger for sugar has diminished and I am actually finding some fun in making meals with the ingredients I have on hand. So far we have only spent 37.50 in groceries and nothing for eating out. We have saved about 20.00 on gasoline, even with the prices rising! I wish I could say the pounds are falling off too, but it hasn't happened yet. We aren't really fasting from sugar, but trying to eat a lot of organic foods, poultry, nuts, and whole grains. I do have more energy and haven't ingested caffeine for two weeks - accept for making a decaf latte at home in the morning.
Drew has been so wild this week! He has been playing outside a lot with his good friend "li li" and enjoyed a 1 1/2 hour Easter Egg hunt at his friend Reese's house. Ti Ti and Tio came for Easter, Drew loved the time with his Auntie & Uncle. He kept running all over the house yelling TIO, TITI, TIO, until they would play with him. Drew actually put on a little weight and is up to 24.5 pounds. His final molar is almost through and his moods are so much better! We cleaned Drew's closet this week and had fun getting out all the old toys and baby things. It was fun looking through them all and remembering not too long ago when he was spitting up on all of them. There were too many outfits though that might not even be Garage Sale Material! They had nice yellow stains all over the front with the faint odor of Zantac. The smell brought back way too many memories!
John's big Exam is this weekend so please be in prayer! He starts at 2:00 CST .
That's about it for us. We are holding on to the promises of the Lord and trying patiently to accept the trials we've been given. John's back is much worse and it looks like we will be hiring a lawyer and scheduling surgery soon. The story and laws are way too long to write about, but please keep us in your prayers.

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