Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cute Moments

Too cute not to post!
Here are just a few cute moments I was blessed to be a part of this week!
Tuesday - Drew and I went to use a free coupon for a haircut. Drew is use to the cute little children's salon that has TV, airplane chairs, cars, and a Thomas Train to play with, so taking him to a normal salon was making me a little nervous. So on the drive, I explained to Drew that we were going to get his hair cut and he was expected to sit still and be a good boy. He wasn't to fuss or whine, he responded with an "ok mommy." Drew proceeded to get his hair cut, he sat so still I thought he was asleep! When he was all done, I said "Drew, you were so good! I am very proud of you." to which Drew responded "Obey mommy.... I obey" The barber then turned and looked at me like I was from Mars!
Thursday - Drew and I were playing in the yard and we heard a police car and some fire trucks off in the distance. Drew said "U..oh mommy, U..oh," then I looked down and saw that he was ready to pray. Drew loves to say "U Oh" whenever he hears emergency vehicles, a few times John and I have used Drew's cute reminder as a time to pray for the people involved. I guess Drew picked up on that and was ready to pray. What a sweetie!

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