Thursday, April 19, 2007

Case Solved

John solved the case! For the past three weeks Drew has been asking for "Ka..Ka's" and we couldn't figure out what he was asking for. He only asked for it when Daddy was home, normally around dinner time. One evening John was napping and Drew climbed in bed with him begging for "Ka .. Ka's" but we had not idea what he wanted. Drew cried and cried, but we still didn't know what he wanted. This Tuesday morning John had off, so he got Drew up in the morning and asked him what he wanted to beakfast. To which. Drew replied "Ka...Ka's, Daddy." John when down the list of a few breakfast foods ... "waffles, cereal, oatmeal, pancakes." Then Drew jump up and down, " Yes Daddy, Ka..Ka's." It appears that for three weeks Drew has been begging us for pancakes! How funny! John blesses us often with a morning breakfast of "Daddy's famous Pancakes" and Drew was just letting us know those are his favorite and he would like them for every meal!

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