Tuesday, April 19, 2005

April 19, 2005
This week was quite busy for the Williams - Drew had a doctor appointment on April 15 th and then we left for Cedar Hill State Park for a weekend of camping.
Drew's doctor appointment was with a gastrointestinal specialist, his reflux and stomach aches have gradually been getting worse the past few weeks. The doctor believes, due to all of Drew's symptoms, that he has a milk allergy. So, that means that I can no longer consume milk and soy products. I have a huge list of things I can't eat. The hardest for me to resist will be my morning Oregon Chai Latte's and custard ice cream. We have a custard ice cream stand near our house that we visit a few times a month, it has the best home made custard and shakes! Oh well, it will make Drew a much happier baby so it is well worth it. I could change him over to a special formula, but it wouldn't be as healthy for Drew or our pocketbook. The formula is twice as expensive as regular formula. Drew is also scheduled for an MRI on April 28 th - just as a precaution. Please pray for Drew's health, the doctor's office called this morning and said his blood work came back and it didn't look right. So, we have to go back and give more blood the beginning of May. It was terrible watching the nurse draw blood the first time; she tried to take it out of both arms but couldn't get enough blood. The nurse ended up taking it from his heal. It was not a pleasant experience for Drew or I.
Our camping trip was so much fun! Texas Spring weather was perfect for camping! It was 80 degrees during the day with a light breeze and around 50 degrees at night. I sat by the fire and read my books and visited with our friends. John played with the fire, and spent a lot of time cooking for all of us! John made everyone steaks on the fire and a peach cobbler for dessert ... yummy! John and the boys encountered a fire ant hill that occupied much of their morning. In perfect boy fassion, they enjoyed playing around with this huge ant hill near the lake. Drew really enjoyed himself too. He was a little fussy the first evening, but settled in by the second day. He had a huge smile on his face most of the time we were there. On Saturday I couldn't stand to see him so dirty so we emptied everything out of the cooler and gave Drew a bath! John thought I was crazy but went along with it anyway. Our friends Zac and Nicole, and Mat and Natalie enjoyed playing with the baby too! There were always arms willing to snuggle with him. It was a fun break for all of us! We already have plans to go camping again the first weekend in May with our group from church. This next time there will be 8 other couples and at least three babies. John is already planning Survivor games for everyone to do. He was unanimously elected to be the camp chef for a second year in a row.
Please take a look at the camping pictures, we took some cute ones of baby Drew!

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