Saturday, March 17, 2007

What a week we have had....our car story just keeps getting more and more complicated! Would you believe we still don't have our car back and we are in another rental car? Let me begin with last Saturday, we picked up our car and noticed that the seat spring was still sitting in the car, implying that the repair place had not fixed the seat which was damaged in the accident. So, we took the car back on Monday, when the repair man was working, he said it would take 20 minutes to put back in and then we could be on our way. "Wonderful" we thought! After 40 minutes of waiting our service rep came into the waiting area to inform us that the seat was more complex than they anticipated, they would need to send the car to the Volkswagen dealer to have a new seat installed. We were told the car would be ready to be picked up Wednesday night. Then, Wednesday afternoon John received the most unbelievable call, evidently when the technician was driving our car back from the dealer, he was hit in the rear by another driver! The rear bumper was ruined and the driver of the car was injured, a police report was taken and insurance was exchanged. We were told that the car holds the insurance so we had to once again jump through another insurance's hoops to get our car fixed. So, Thursday morning , still without a car and now without a rental car, we received a call from the insurance provider from the second accident, evidently the man who hit our car had allowed his insurance to laps, by 2 days, and he was driving without insurance.... thus our claim was denied! We knew that we didn't want an uninsured motorist claim on our driving record because our rates would then increase and Service King was refusing to put the accident on their insurance.
That evening John and I sat down, laughed, cried, and then prayed that God would give us a lot of wisdom and guidance on how to proceed.
Our insurance agent called us shortly after that to let us know that he had just been at a regional meeting where Service King, our body shop, had been soliciting business. He had the VP of marketing's business card and said he would contact them regarding the lack of service we were receiving. He told the women that if this was any indication of the service his patrons would receive then he would not be recommending them as a body shop. Would you believe that the next day John received a call from the manager of Service King and they offered to put the accident on their insurance as a "customer courtesy!" What a blessing!
Lesson Learned: our car is not cursed, God taught us a valuable lesson in faith and dependence on Him instead of insurance company's, health insurance, and our own efforts and finances. Had we surrendered to God in the beginning and sought His counsel then we might have not needed a second accident to remind us in "Who our assurance resides!" Please do pray about John's back, he just had Cortisone injections yesterday and is hoping the numbness and tingling will go away. Otherwise he will need more expensive tests which we don't want to pay for right now.
On to more interesting news, Drew is feeling much better! His 5 days of 103 degree fever have ended, it turned out to be a reaction to a recent vaccine he received and the fact that he is teething again! Drew now has 3 of 4, 2 year old molars poking through his sore little mouth. Now that Drew is feeling better, his vast vocabulary words are being spoken! He has all kinds of new words that we are trying to decipher. There are many sounds that Drew can't pronounce so it has been fun trying to figure out all his words. It is very common for us to say " Drew, I don't understand what you are saying, can you show me what you mean?" This has helped us out a lot! Just yesterday John and I were relaxing with Drew in the backyard and he kept repeating "I want to die" over and over again. John and I knew that wasn't what he was really saying but couldn't figure out what he wanted. So I asked Drew to show me and he grabbed me by the hand and walked me to the door. "Oh" I said, "You want to go inside?" Yes, Yes he replied proudly! Drew is also into his numbers, it is very common to hear him repeat under his breath "un, to, tee, forr, fve," when he is walking or thinking intently about something. We have heard him repeat his numbers up to 7!
We also discovered that Drew has discovered problem solving skills. We were again sitting in the backyard and the backdoor was open. Drew came outside with some banana chips and offered to share them with his daddy. John then asked Drew to bring him 2 more banana chips, so Drew went inside and brought two more chips. This game went on for about 5 trips inside, then on the 6th trip Drew came toddling out with the entire tray of banana chips and offered them to his daddy! Too cute!
Kitty has been helping me in the backyard, she is so use to having a job that she finds jobs for herself. John and I are, together, covering the fence line with planting boxes. In order to plant in these raised beds I have to dig our all the sod so the grass doesn't take over the beds. Kitty has been helping me dig all the sod up. She actually is more effective that I! I cut a pattern in the sod and then she digs within those boundaries. It is very funny to watch and also quite helpful! Kitty has been swimming in the pond a lot and helping herself into the car whenever the door is open. We have misplaced her at least twice and have found her sitting patiently in the front seat of the car! She loves to jump in when we aren?t looking.

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