Saturday, March 10, 2007

March 10, 2007

Where has the time gone? It is Spring so soon! My bulbs are rising above the cold soil and the Jasmine is in full bloom. John has been busy working on my flower beds in the back yard in anticipation of more planting space. Our rental car/suv has come in so handy, hauling dirt and timbers from the store to our back yard. Today, I planted tomatoes, zinnias, carrots, and green beans. I also planted another dwarf holly bush in the side yard. Home Depot had Magnolia trees on sale so we will have one planted in the backyard soon.

Drew has been sick most of the week; it finally peaked on Thursday when the fever jumped up to 103 degrees. Last night (Friday) was quite fun, Drew was up until 12:00 am , then up again at 4:00 am , and 7:30 am . All three times the Motrin had worn off and his fever and chills had come back in full force. Poor little guy! Drew was so excited to be able to sleep in mommy and daddy's bed; he cuddled with John and the two of them slept until 11:30 am . I was thankful to be able to get up early and visit the plant store, garden, and take Kitty for a run all before they woke.

Drew had his 2 year checkup last week, he weighed 24 pounds and was 37 ½ inches. He hadn't grown at all since his 18 month checkup. He is in the 10% for weight and 3% for height. At least he isn't in a negative percentile; I heard from a friend that her son was in the negative, I didn't know there was such a thing.

John and I were busy working on our Crown Bible study this week, we are into week three which deals with budgeting. We were also able to go out on a date last Sunday, we went to Red Robin and reminisced about High School days and then watched the new William Wilberforce movie Amazing Grace. The movie was fantastic, who knew the dealings with parliament could be made so interesting? This is a must see, it has drama and a very powerful message. John and I both left the movie asking how we could change the world -to rid world of slavery - instead of sticking our heads in the sand and enjoying our lifestyle of convenience and freedom. The movie showed the reality of such a world changing pursuit, it takes time, persistence, and God's hand to guide us through the trenches and into the light. The Plugged in Online critic of Amazing Grace recapitulate the movie best stating...
" Many movies pretend importance. Few, however, make good on their lofty ambitions. In contrast, Amazing Grace isn't landing at the multiplex with a multimillion dollar ad campaign trumpeting its arrival. And yet, the messages it delivers are important.
Not the least of these is the fact that one determined person can make an enormous difference in the shape of history; especially when he's surrounded by friends who help him when he stumbles. Wilberforce's commitment to abolition ultimately led to the demise of the British slave trade. But watching this film, we're just as aware of his humanity as his heroism. He struggles. He doubts. He's tempted to give up as he battles physical pain and dependence upon painkillers. And yet, with the encouragement of Barbara Spooner (whom he marries), William Pitt, John Newton, Thomas Clarkson and Oloudah Equiano, he soldiers on to victory - almost 20 years after wading into battle.
Equally important is the film's unequivocal message about the value and dignity of every human being. Though slavery was officially banned in Great Britain in 1807 and in the United States in 1865, deep injustices still keep millions in bondage around our globe today. Whether it's genocide in places such as Darfur , Sudan ; or the exploitative sex trafficking of women and girls in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia (among other areas), slavery and savagery still lurk. We may be tempted to believe our involvement in such issues can't accomplish much, but Wilberforce's story inspires us to believe that real change is possible.
Finally, Amazing Grace reminds us that God's calling on our lives is not neatly divided into sacred and secular categories. Wilberforce initially submits to this false dichotomy. But thanks to his friends' exhortations, he realizes that his passions for God and for justice can be fused together. Sacred and secular subsequently crash into one another - forcefully at times. Wilberforce's faith, then, ends up not only leaving a deep imprint upon British society, but upon this film as well." (

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