Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Williams Family News

First, Drew turned 2! I can't believe my little boy is so big! Drew had a great Birthday! He wanted cheese pizza with pineapple for dinner, which he ate on the "special family plate." He got to stay up late, until 8:30pm, and play with his trains and cars. He was so cute; he would line all the cars up on the floor by the chair, then pick them all up and move them to the fireplace, then once lined up, move them again to the couch. This went on for 45 minutes as we all watched and giggled through the process. We started asking him "Drew, how old are you" to which he now responds TWOoooooooo! We are having a family party with balloons, presents, and a train cake on Sunday. I can't wait for Drew to see the Thomas trains we bought him, he will be so excited to play with them!

Drew is quite the busy little man weighing in at 24.5 pounds at 2 years of age! We are having a hard time keeping him still so he can gain some weight! That and his favorite foods consist of chicken, fruits and vegetables. The other night I made Spaghetti, but he filled up on the green beans and didn't have room for the main dish. Oh well, it could be much worse, he could crave sugar! On his birthday I gave him a small sized snickers bar as desert - you should have seen his little face light up! He stuffed the whole thing in his mouth and chewed on it for about 5 minutes. Too cute! Drew loves to talk and talk, but we discovered that he doesn't say the last letter of any word that ends in a consonant. Train comes out "trai" and "bob" comes out "ba". He loves to say words that end in a "Y" because he can pronounce them, like "Happy" and "Kitty" and "Baby." I am not sure how to get him to pronounce the words properly.
Trains and trucks are his favorite things to play with, it so fun to watch him now because he actually plays with things. Today it was 60 degrees and sunny outside; we went to the park and then played in the front yard with chalk. Drew wrote all over the cement with the chalk and then played with his cars on the sidewalk. He even dug in the dirt and didn't fuss because Mommy wasn't playing too. Drew loved spending the sunny day outside with Mommy and Daddy. John filled his time with cleaning up the very messy garage while I cleaned my new car and helped John with the garage. I am trying to convince him to let me park in the garage at night!

Oh, that reminds me... Friday we found a perfect new car for our family. We wanted something practically new, but without the "new price tag" and found ourselves looking at a 2003 Jetta with only 27,000 miles. The car was still under warranty and looked brand new! We looked at a lot of Honda Accords on the Internet and at the dealer, but they all had too many miles on them for the price range we were looking at. We bought it on Saturday and John has spent the past few days taking it in to the Volkswagen dealer and having it checked out ... it came back in perfect health, new brakes, new tires, excellent condition, just like new! There were a few minor issues like the remote control keys not working, and a broken middle console, but it was all covered by Carmax (the place where we bought the car). It is weird to look out in the driveway and see a silver car instead of a green one! I love having a CD player and seat warmers for these cold days in Texas! John and I were commenting that our old car's horrible suspension wasn't very noticeable until we bought this new car. We didn't realize how bad the green Jetta had become. We were very blessed this year with a vacation and a new car! All that saving paid off, now on to John's student loan!

John is busy working for Home Depot and working for a few clients as a "handyman." I am getting a little jealous though, I have some projects at home that I would love completed! I guess I just don't pay him enough! John has been working the past week, updating his resume, finalizing everything with Ottawa, and applying for jobs. He has a plan and is very dedicated at achieving his goal! I am very proud of him!

Kitty, our new lab, is doing very well, enjoying her kosher life in America! I have to exercise her twice a day, once involves lots of running and chasing her ball, the other is normally a walk in the neighborhood before dinner. John and I took her to the park today with Drew. John had her running all over the place for about 30 minutes. I had to remind John that she will die of a heart attack if he kept throwing the ball. She doesn't know when she has had enough.. She is obsessed with getting her toy. We had to buy her some new balls this week, the red Kong balls kept getting lost in our house. There are at at least 3 of them that we know are around somewhere but not even Kitty can find them. At 7 dollars a peace, the Accountant in me suggested that we find another type of ball that was easier to locate in our house or out in a field. Specifically one that won't go down the rain drains along the side of the road. Her new balls are much bigger so they can't hind under furniture! Drew loves them because they have a rope through the middle, perfect for throwing!

Kitty now loves to treat Drew like her puppy, we have to keep an eye on her when Drew gets out of the bath because Kitty loves to lick him clean. Kitty also loves to tackle Drew and try and keep him pinned to the ground between her feet, using her head to "heard" Drew around. Drew loves the game but can't figure out how to tell Kitty when he doesn?t want to play anymore. They are growing very close which is very fun to see.

Our vacation was Amazing! The best vacation I have ever had, I think John agrees with me too! We both enjoyed 7 days of relaxation! There wasn't one think to worry or argue about. There was even a coffee shop onboard for my daily caffeine fix! We enjoyed shopping, snorkeling, climbing the falls, snorkeling some more, power snorkeling, rock climbing, and playing with Parrots! It was a perfect vacation celebrating many accomplishments we had in our lives, from John graduating from college, to becoming more financially free, we celebrated the fact that John's back & foot no longer give him great pain, and of course we celebrated our 4th Wedding Anniversary. John prepared a precious speech, which he gave in front of our friends at dinner. He reminisced over good and bad memories, and talked all about of future. It was so wonderful, just like something out of a book. Thank you Lord, for a very memorable trip filled with joy and relaxation. John and I also worked on setting our goals for 2007, a year with many changes, and fun memories to be made.


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