Tuesday, January 16, 2007

We made it back from our Anniversary cruise! It was wonderful, relaxing, and way too much fun! There is a lot to share and about 800 pictures to rifle through. I will be slowely adding pictures to the slideshow on the front page if anyone wants to look. John and I had an amazing week together, enjoying taking naps, swimming with the tropical fish, snorkeling, climbing the ships giant rock wall, relaxing in the sun, reading, being entertained, eating, eating, and more eating! It was so nice not to worry about anything for a whole week. We both had a hard time thinking how our vacation could have been better.
Our real lives have come back to us, we are both busy with work, Drew, laundry, and life. Kitty missed us more than Drew; she moped around for the whole week were were gone. You should have seen the excitement in her eyes when she saw us for the first time. She yelped, jumped, and ran around in circles. Drew also gave us big smiles and tons of kisses. I can't get out of Drew's sight without him running after me.
I will have to write more later, my eyelids are fading fast.

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