Wednesday, January 3, 2007

2007 has already started the changing process; yesterday we sold our 1996 Jetta, it was my last tangible memento of life before marriage and child. I will say I miss the car, but not the life it represented - freedom, independence, stability, isolation, selfishness. Family is such a wonderful blessing from the Lord and I am so blessed to have a fantastic one! My husband is so wonderful, the week before Christmas he spent all his time off remodeling the pantry so his Christmas present (a new freezer) would fit and not look too out of place. What a guy! (Thank you David too - a wonderful brother in law!)Then, a few days ago we finally went to Petsmart to get the dog a new ball because the last two had fallen down the drainage ditches outside the house. Would you believe that within 10 minutes of playing outside with the dog I managed to get it lost down the drainage ditch! I was really mad at myself for loosing a $7.00 ball. Ugh! Sweet John, got a flashlight and crawled into the ditch with all those spiders and garbage, followed the hole under the street and retrieved the ball. Now that is a servant! He is also in the process of building a wire grate to go into the hole for the next time I throw the ball the wrong direction down the street!

It is funny how we get attached to our cars, as the Jetta drove away to a new home I felt like part of my memories were driving away with it. I really wonder why God made women, specifically myself, to place human emotion onto inanimate objects like cars, homes, etc. I will have to think on that one! Audios car, I will miss you. Please pray we can find a newer car that isn't too expensive and doesn't have too many miles!

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