Wednesday, December 28, 2005

December 28th, 2005
Drew had an absolutely wonderful Christmas! He toddled all over the house and played with his new toys. We went to church on Christmas morning and then over to Nana's for a breakfast and 3 showings of "The Christmas Story." John was in heaven! I meandered around taking pictures of the whole event so I wouldn't forget anything. Drew napped in the morning and then opened his gifts. He was so overwhelmed! The first gift was so much fun that he didn't want to open anymore. He just wanted to play. His favorite toy, hands down, is the drill and workbench that his Daddy bought him. Drew loves his drill! He is so much like John it is eerie. Drew also loves to play with his Little Leap Frog Train and his new little bike. He also loves his new barking electronic dog.
John bought me a new digital camera for Christmas. I have been snapping even more pictures than normal. I bought John some new drill bits, floor mats for the garage, and some books on tape. We had a wonderful time with family!
Drew is getting so big, he just turned 11 Months! I can't believe it. Drew loves to play outside with John and follows his daddy everywhere. Just today I had to take Drew inside for a nap and he was not happy. He kept calling da-da, da-da. Drew didn't want to miss one moment of playing in the garage with Daddy.
We hope you all had a marvelous Christmas with family and friends!
The Williams

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