Friday, November 24, 2006

Williams Family Thanksgiving 2006

Ø In January 2006 John found a new job with Home Depot. Praise the Lord for his provisions -- the lessons in faith we were taught along the journey were well-worth the trials.
Ø Thank you Father for bringing our family to a new church that is centered on You alone. We thank you for the Foree family ; it is such a blessing to be able to serve others who are in need. I pray that all 8 of them would come to know You as their Lord and Savior.
Ø In October of 2006 John finished his Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice! Praise be to the Almighty for the support and finances he provided. This is such a huge blessing to our family and to John's career!
Ø A wedding focused on the Lord, uniting two believers together is such an honor and privilege to be apart of. Our family thanks you Lord for our newest member - Ruben Cabrera. We thank you that you choose such a godly and humble man to be the servant leader of Julie. Thank you for this fresh addition to the family, we pray the Lord's protection over their marriage. Lord do not make it easy and care free, but unite them together through trials and love. May their marriage always be centered on You. We thank you for family that lives close and enjoys being together.
Ø Almighty God we are thankful for this wonderful Christ centered home that you allow us to live and raise our precious little boy Drew in. When we see others who live in such awful conditions it humbles us. I pray that we would give more generously of our time and finances in 2007 and that our focus towards holiness would remain steadfast and unwavering. Thank you that Melissa is still able to work from home! This blessing comes only from you Lord!
Ø I, Melissa, am especially thankful for my husband who leads us by example, who is always willing to serve, and who never raises his voice to us. John is such a godly man, sinful, but is striving day by day for a closer relationship with his Creator. Thank you Lord for this man you have provided for my well being. He cares for his family with gentleness and love.
Ø Praise you Lord for your indescribable gifts, for your personhood and your sacrificial love. Thank you for not being content to leave is in our sin, but you sacrificed all you had for our salvation. Help us to grow more towards you this coming year; help us to grasp the treasures of your holiness that are revealed each day through your creation, your cross, and your crown. May we bring you more Glory in 2007 and become more like you each day.
Psalms 31:19
How great is your goodness, which you have stored up for those who fear you;
which you bestow in the sign of men and those who take refuge in you.

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