Wednesday, November 29, 2006


November 29, 2006
Winter weather has finally arrived in North Texas ! Drew and I went to the park today with some friends and played in the 80 degree weather. Then at 6:00pm the cool arctic front rolled in and cooled us to 45 degrees! Our low tonight is expected to reach 25 degrees. It was the most amazing feeling sitting on the grass with Drew feeling the arctic air push it's way into the area. The wind was so powerful and fierce, the thunderclouds darkened the sky within moments and the birds fled south for safe terrain.
Our Thanksgiving was wonderful - filled with family and friends. We were blessed with 10 people surrounding the beautiful table John built. We read Psalm's of Thanksgiving and as we ate shared what we were thankful for this year. Drew played with his friend Jonathan in the backyard and both of them cried when it was time for Jonathan to go home. Our Thanksgiving was very relaxed and refreshing after our crazy week of preperation.
Friday morning came early as John, Drew and I awoke at 5:00 am . We are crazy! I had some Christmas deals I wanted to grab at Bass Pro and Kohl's. John and Ruben went to Circuit City and Home Depot - then to IHOP for some breakfast. I am happy to report that almost all of my Christmas shopping is complete! One crazy day in exchange for a peaceful Christmas season - not too bad of a trade! This week I have been busy ordering Christmas pictures and writing our Christmas letter. I will be leaving for Seattle on December 16th and returning to Texas on Christmas Eve night around 11:30 am; I am trying to get everything done early this year. I even made and delivered our first batch of Almond Roca - John added his own touch this year by putting Symphony Chocolate on top instead of a regular Hershey bar.
We are still shopping for our "adoptive family" and some friends and family have been helping shop for the kids. I don't know how a family of 8 can afford gifts at Christmas, it gets expensive!
I will share Drew's gifts for this Christmas, Kohl's had their Fisher Price toys 50% off so we bought Drew his first train set! It is called Geo-Treks. It is very nice because you buy sets and each set fits together with the next one. Drew will love it! The set we found has a remote control that handles the train as it goes through the airport and police station. We also found Drew his first tricycle at Target, it has a handle on the back so we can steer the trike while he learns how to peddle. I can't wait to see his face on Christmas morning!
Drew weighed in today at 23.5 pounds! He is growing! His has a new phrase this week "I dropped it mommy!" He is also repeating most of the words that we say. We were reading a book this evening and he pointed out the Zebra and said "ebra."
Well, John just came in from the cold, I better go warm up his Fajita dinner!
Love, Melissa

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