Sunday, November 19, 2006


Silence is such a peace to relish -- except when your toddler is running around the house somewhere! I discovered today that while I was enjoying the quiet; Drew was coloring his entire face with mommy's lipstick. He came up to me with a sheepish grin literally from ear to ear. It was so cute I had to post a few pictures of his little rampage. After seeing his camouflaged face, can you imagine what my carpet looks like?
Drew had a lot of new words this week! I have been trying to teach him one familiar word for each letter of the alphabet so this week he learned - apple, cow, drill, Jesus, God, obey, thank you, & two. He is also saying the word "guy" all the time and I can't figure out what he is saying. Drew can point out where all his body parts are and can locate most animals on a page if asked. He knows a few animal sounds like the duck, dog, cat, cow, and chicken. Lately, Drew has been playing with daddy in the garage working on words like: dewalt, planar, & garage. To John's surprise Drew can say hammer & drill! I think Drew can also say "garage" but it comes out "auge." It is safe to say that if Daddy is home and in the garage Drew is there too. A few days ago Drew went to the garage door and asked for John, only he was at work. I made the mistake of saying that "daddy will be home when you wake up from your nap." A few minutes later Drew went down for his nap, only he slept about 1 ½ hours instead of the normal 3 hours. So, when Drew woke up he immediately ran down the stairs and knocked on the garage door thinking Daddy was waiting for him. Oops! Drew went into meltdown when he discovered that no one was in the garage.
As you can probably tell from the video's I am attempting to potty-train so Drew knows how to say the words: potty, poo poo, pee pee, & tinkle. Not much success to talk about, unless you consider him pooping in the bathtub every night?
We are all excited for Thanksgiving! It is my favorite holiday! I shopped for food this weekend and now have everything we need for the Thanksgiving dinner. We are having a houseful of 10 people this year. I am already working on writing down what I am thankful for this year - I love hearing everyone's lists as we sit around the table waiting for the Turkey to be done. It is so good to relish in the Lord's blessings, for " Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows." James 1:17.
We had another guest speaker in church today, can you believe we were actually able to hear from an Atheist & a Communist in church today! It was amazing how God works! The speakers name is "sun" and he is the ambassador to Vietnam, he was here thanking our church for the 14 years they have spent working in Vietnam. Our pastor was asked by the Vietnamese government to create a model for the 14 years worth of work our church has done in Hanoi . Then Northwood (our church) and the Institute for Global Engagement worked together with the Ambassador to Vietnam to create and sign a religious covenant agreement - signed in September of this year! They then invited our church to partner with other American churches to bring the gospel to Vietnam . Amazing! The gospel is being sent all over the world, the church in the U nited States might not be strong, but the church in the 10/40 window is exploding. I was greatly encouraged by what I heard today, Vietnam is no longer a war torn country -- it is an up and coming nation that deeply desires to adopt religious freedom into its culture. You can read more about the work being done at
Happy Thanksgiving! May your table be blessed with family and friends, and maybe a needy family or two!

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