Sunday, November 5, 2006

It has been a while since I have updated. We have had so many fun things going on, it has been hard to find time to updated. Drew finally grew his last set of teeth for a while. His mouth is full of teeth and don't have any gaps! That being stated he has finally started talking! Drew loves to repeat words and enjoys singing the song Twinkle Twinkle, only it comes out "Tinkle Tinkle." Drew did loose 2 pounds during his last bout with teething, but hopes to be back to the 23 pound mark soon. Drew is going to school on Monday's and loves it! He no longer cries when I take him to the door and he leaves with a huge smile on his face, happy to show mommy his latest art project. Last week he made a scarecrow puppet and the week before he made a tree with his hand print as the leaves. Drew loves napping at school and proudly carries his nap mat to and from school. Monday's are his favorite day! Drew's wardrobe has finally been moved into Autumn! I gladly boxed up his summer clothes last week and pulled out all the pants and long sleeve shirts. Mommy was even fortunate to find a nice pair of Oshkosh boots on sale this weekend to match all his new warm clothes! Drew's most common words this week are "bird, tree, circle, & square." We were reading a book a few days ago and I was showing him all the circles. The next book we read he pointed to a circle shape and expressed with a huge grin "urkle"! It was so cute! The latest change in Drew has been his "quiet times" in the morning. Mommy was having issues getting her Bible read before Drew woke up in the mornings, so someone at church suggested having "mat time." It was a great idea, now after breakfast, Drew lays down on his mat and reads books quietly, then Mommy can get her reading done in quiet first think in the morning so she doesn't forget. Drew loves to read books, he also knows that when mommy is done he can come snuggle on her lap and she will read to him aloud from all his favorite books. Drew's favorite book right now is by Max Lucado, I can't remember th name, but it is a children's book about a wood worker who creates these wooden people called "Wemmicks" they have all sorts of adventures and always end up making messes out of their lives. Then they go the the carpenter Eli who helps them through their latest trial. I don't know why Drew loves it so much but we must read it at least 3 times a day. The book where they paint their noses to fit in with the others is Drew's present favorite. Motherhood is very fun but very exhausting! It must be the shortened days and the chilly weather that is making me so tired.
Well, we all went camping last weekend and had so much fun. We camped next to 480 cub scouts, not as peaceful as we were expecting, but still fun! We know next time to ask if the scouts are having any jamboree's! Drew did get to watch his first flag raising ceremony and we showed him how to say the Pledge Of Allegiance. We went camping with our best friends the Tyson's, and the Newlyweds Julie & Ruben. It was Ruben's first camping trip and I think he left with great memories! John showed him how to play with fire and Julie instructed him on how to make a fire. He relished in John's cooking and enjoyed just sitting around chatting with everyone. Ruben did the devotions on Saturday night, he really asked a tough question that cut us to the core. He had us look at our attitudes, the ones we have with those closest to us. I know it was very convicting to me, it was great having everyone share their weaknesses and ask for prayer in certain areas where they were struggling. We all really appreciated Ruben's direct and challenging words; we all left changed ! Drew loved camping, in fact he cried the whole time we packed up camp on Sunday. He really wanted to stay and play more. Drew made sure to stop all the scouts and give them 5, he also played with sticks, ate chicken with his bare hands, romped through the woods, ate dirt & food off the ground, and slept like a champ! We all had a relaxing and peaceful time enjoying God's creation. We did make one vow though' we were making a "William's Camping List" the next time we camped! My mother had to come visit us on Saturday to bring all the things we forgot, like pillows, my bathroom bag, the comforter for our bed, & Drew's wipes! Agh!
October 31 was a blast, Drew dressed up like a Bumble Bee and we took him to the church for a carnival. He learned quickly that candy grabbing was a game. So Drew spent the whole night getting candy and giving it to Daddy! We then took him home and visited a few families in our neighborhood. Drew loved knocking on the door, but thought he had to walk right in once the door was open.
John is not busy for once! He has been working and playing in his garage with his new graduation/birthday toys - a Dewalt planar and a Rigid router. John also had the other half of his back surgery last week so he has been a little stiff. I have been a little under the weather with a sinus infection and Drew has had a slight cold. I have been busy writing a piece for the women's group at church. It has been really challenging for me! Please pray that the Lord will give me pertinent and real life examples that will be an encouragement.
Tonight we went to a presentation at the church by the International Justice Mission. Their stories were amazing and they really brought to light so many injustices in the 3 rd world, most done to innocent women and children. I encourage you to look at their website John and I were deeply touched by the work that his organization is doing within the limits of foreign governments to free the oppressed. Most people do not live free like we do in the U.S. and their stories of bringing hope to the orphaned and freedom for the children enslaved to prostitution reminded me to not get comfortable and forget about those who are suffering. There is plenty for American's & Christians to do, as we were told this morning about the story of Jesus multiplying the loafs and fishes to feed the 5,000 - Jesus too can multiply your (insignificant) gifts if you just lay them at His feet. He only requires our obedience to perform miracles.
Below is a link to a recent broadcast from the Today Show that reveals a little about what the IJM stands for.

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