Saturday, October 7, 2006

October 7, 2006

The Autumn planting has arrived. Today Drew and I drove to Rockwall (near Dallas ) to a huge plant nursery to pick out our fall plants. We also were able to pick up two white crape myrtles that match the one we already have planted in our backyard. Our hope is to create a canopy under the three trees and build a small patio underneath just perfect for a bench and birdbath. Fall is the best time to plant for the Spring so our house is hopping with lots of dirt and digging and pruning. I just finished digging three large holes in the backyard for some new trees. In a few years it will have lots of shade and color! I did have a little problem thought, everything was going smoothly, Drew was taking a nap and I was digging to my hearts content. That evening I went in and the phone and internet were down - it turns out I dug through our fiber optic line! Oops!

Well, today while I was waiting for the Verizon person I managed to fertilized the lawn and then transplanted some of my larger plants that have grown too large for their current location. I can't wait for John to finish the wood flower bed - bordering our backyard. There are so many things to plant before Winter arrives. It doesn't even seem like Fall yet, our temperature has been in the 90's with very little rain. We are supposed to have a cold front pass through this week dropping us into the high 70's during the day. Doesn't that sound nice!

This weekend we all went out to a friends farm. I am working with their 3 year old Paint Gelding! Can you believe I am able to ride as much as I want and I don't have to pay for anything! While we were there Drew decided to play in the biggest mud puddle he had ever seen. The only bad thing is that he realized he hates to be dirty! Drew cried and cried while I stripped his clothes off and hosed him off. Then he had fun chasing mommy with the hose! You can see the video for laughs!

John is busy finishing up school! He can't wait to be done, only 2 more weeks! We are celebrating with a camping trip to the lake. It is Drew's first camping trip this year so I hope he is good. John's Rhizotomy will be on the 12 th of October and he should only be laying around for a day or two. Then his back should feel up to lots of work around the house. John received this really neat electric muscle stimulator; last night john was so proud of himself because he had hooked this think up to his feet and his toes were separating with the help of the shocker.. If you know John fairly well, you know that he can't move any of his toes, his foot is like one big blob with absolutely no dexterity. It was comforting to know the proper muscles are still down their just waiting for him to refine his muscle control!

Drew is still active as ever, loving every moment of his childhood. Every day is a new experience that is more exciting than the day before. His smile and giggles are so contagious that John and I find ourselves giggling along with him. I tend to be the more serious one in this family so it is refreshing and invigorating to be around two amusing boys who take the most fun out of every moment!


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