Tuesday, October 24, 2006

October 24, 2006

What a fun week we have had in the Williams' home! This past week we celebrated Birthday's and visited with one of my best friends - Bethany & her son Johnny! Drew was very envious the first day, as you can tell from his pictures sitting in the exer-saucer, but Drew really enjoyed his new friend the rest of the week. Even now I will ask Drew where Johnny is and he will run all over the house looking for him. Bethany and I were able to stay up until the wee hours reminiscing and chatting about life. The temperature cooperated, by cooling off, so we sat outside with blankets sipping hot tea. Bethany laughed, amazed that I was so excited about winter weather. The two of us visited Southlake Town Center, Downtown Fort worth, and Six Flags. We also went to see "One Knight With The King" in the theatre, it was the best movie I had seen in years! Drew and I were so sad to say good-bye. The boys loved playing together and had ao much fun entertaining one another.
Drew's new words are "airplane" and "alto." It took us weeks to figure out that the spanish word alto actually meant in Drew's language... are you ready for this... "A Door." Drew goes around the house and points to the doors now all the time. He is such a goof! His binky is now called a "me me" and the vacuum is an "a que." Drew really does speak a lot, we just haven't learned his language yet.
Julie & Ruben visited this week too! We had a Birthday celebration; mom bought a cake and made us a yummy dinner. My friend Shannon and Bethany were also there for the festivities.

John is finally done with school! I have waited years to say that! His last final was on Saturday! Now he is just waiting for his grades - he knows he has an "A" in one class already! John spent the first two
days reading down my "honey do" list and cleaning up his messy garage. We are going camping this weekend with some friends and family so he will be packing us up for that later this week. I hope Drew loves camping as much as John does. Ruben and Julie will be coming, this is Ruben's first camping trip ever! I will post pictures on Monday!


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