Sunday, September 10, 2006

September 10, 2006
The fancy picture of John and I was taken a few nights ago, I was finally able to fit into a pre-pregnancy dress! So, John took me out on a fancy date, our first fancy date since Drew was born. Grandma Patti watched Drew for us. Patti has been visiting us over the past month to help out with John's recent foot surgery and to play and spoil Drew. You can vaguely see John's "boot" on his left foot, he had bunion surgery three weeks ago. He is healing quickly, but not quick enough for John! John will need to have his right foot cut open in another few months, poor guy! He is also scheduled to graduate with his Criminal Justice Science and administration degree the end of October. Needless to say, John is very anxious for school to be over, at least for a little while. He is already looking into Master's programs, but we have decided to wait at least a year. I really need time to relax and enjoy John not being in school!
Drew is reaching a new phase, at 19 months he has learned how to ask politely for things. However, he doesn't understand the concept that "just because you can ask for it, doesn't mean you get it." So, temper tantrums are now part of our day again! Drew really is a very sweet and curious little guy who is taking after John in so many areas. Drew loves to play with his Daddy in the garage and discover how things work. Anything with wheels and knobs and buttons are always being discovered and tested. We are thoroughly enjoying our new family of three. God has blessed us in so many ways.

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