Sunday, September 24, 2006

Guess who is leaning all kinds of new words (sky, grass, cold, airplane, up & down please, no thank you)? Oh yes, Drew is talking up a storm, so much so that I am seeking out quiet hiding places just to avoid the incessant chatter. As many of you will notice, Drew's hair looks a little shorter, I had a run in with some clippers and a simple trim turned into a trip to the barber for a buzz cut. Poor Drew, all his cute baby hair is gone, replaced with a new look and a new big boy attitude. Drew is no longer my baby, he has grown overnight into a "big boy!" Drew talks like a big boy, acts like a big boy, eats like a big boy, and plays rough & loud like a big boy. He even received his first Thomas Train, that he must sleep with every night! The train is suppose to be for 3-6 year old, but Drew loves to carry it around, even into the bathtub. How quickly times change from the quiet slumber of a sleeping infant to a free spirited toddler that takes cushions off the couch just so he can jump off the arm onto the pillows. How fun and fatiguing it is to take in. Much of Drew's new achievements could be due to his one day a week preschool program. All of the 6 children in his class are older than Drew by about 2-5 months, and 4 of them are girls who talk very well. It was just the encouragement Drew needed!
I drove John in early this morning for injections on his Facet Joints; he is currently recovering on the bed watching lots of movies and eating Sonichamburgers. He received 6 cortisone injections in his lower back; hopefully his back pain will temporarily be alleviated. If the pain goes away then the Facet joints are the problem area on John's back that are creating all the pain. In a few months, a Rhyzotomy can then be performed to eliminate the pain for 2-4 years. Hopefully during that time his muscles will loosen up and he will work aggressively on strengthening the muscles around the joints in his lower back. Please pray for John, he is excited to have a possible resolution to all his back pain, but anxious about another surgery. John's foot is healing quickly but he is still in a special boot and the swelling in his foot tends to occur frequently. John hasn't decided when to have the other foot cut open, but says that it doesn't hurt at all anymore so he wants to prolong it as long as possible. I think he is just anxious to get back on his feet and move around like normal again.
In the midst of being a mom, wife, nurse, and barber (oops) I found time to bake a third pie. My first two were Strawberry Rhubarb and this last one was a peach. The pies tasted wonderful, but I have yet to master the art of appearance. The peach pie was much better looking, but I didn't quite get the "fluting" down. I guess I will need to make another, maybe a Pumpkin!

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