Sunday, August 27, 2006

August 27, 2006
The chaos from the wedding has ended, but our lives are still too fast for my liking. John just had bunion surgery on his left foot, he is feeling horrible and is really considering not returning to work this Wednesday. His doctor's appointment is this coming Monday so hopefully John can get onto some new pain medications that are less "mind numbing." I feel so bad for John, he is in such pain and hates being cooped up in bed all day. Thank goodness for Mothers! John's mother has been here helping out this week; I don't know how I would have managed without her! I have been trying to pass the time for John by reading to him. We are reading a great book called Facing Terror, written by Carrie McDonnall. The book describes the lives of missionaries serving the Arab Muslim's in Iraq . It is an awesome book that goes into great detail about the culture and history of Iraq and other countries such as Sudan , Israel , Palestine , and Jordan .
Drew has not been handling the chaos well at all. He is so use to our predictable lives that always cater to his schedule. Drew has had so many changes recently: starting school one day a week, lack of routine due to the wedding, John's surgery, teething, shots, and to top it off I was gone at a Women's conference for two days. Poor Drew had two horrible nightmares this week which kept him up into the wee hours of the night. The first spell I almost took him to the ER because he was so inconsolable, he just screamed and screamed like his tummy hurt. Then again, another nightmare happened last night. I was more prepared for this one, I took him into the big tub in our room and filled it with bubbles, we just sat in there for about an hour singing praise songs while I rubbed his back. Drew went right to sleep in my arms while I rocked him to sleep. Poor Drew, please pray for him, he has school again tomorrow and I am praying it doesn't disrupt his little world too much.
Julie and Ruben just returned from their Honeymoon cruise to the Caribbean and they had a blast! We had brunch with them today and heard all about their fun time! They are looking forward to strengthening their marriage foundation in the Lord.
Drew and I visited Julia and her boys again this week. I had mentioned last time that their home was not air conditioned and the Lord provided! He sent us a window A/C unit that we delivered on Tuesday. I was also able to find some more clothes at the Goodwill thanks to their monthly 1/2 price days. When Drew and I were dropping off some much needed supplies, the sweetest thing happened. Dylan, the 3 year old, ran over to us with the biggest grin on his face. He had a special picture he had made out of some of the school supplies we brought the week before. He was so thrilled to share his drawing with us. Please keep this sweet family in your prayers, I pray that our relationship with them would grow and that they would see the love of Jesus Christ in our family.

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