Sunday, July 16, 2006

July 16, 2006
Drew said three new words today! He said "green", "I get it" and "Amen". It was too cute, we were saying prayers before bed and I said "Amen," then Drew said "a-men," a-mmen," "Amen" and then he clapped for himself! It was so adorable.
July 15, 2006
My how a week can change things! Drew has been a little angel the past week - he hasn't been very cranky and he has been speaking more. I also showed him how to put his toys away, so with some encouragement and help he has been putting away his toys! Drew's new phrase is "where'd it go?." At first I thought it was a fluke, but he has started dropping things places where he can't see them and then repeating the phrase.
Drew has been in a very cuddly mood too! He comes up to me & John many times a day and just wants to give us hugs. He is especially in love will reading books in our laps now too. Oh, Drew has reached another milestone! When I corrected Drew yesterday, he actually showed repentance for something naughty that he had done. I couldn't believe it. I asked him not to do something and he proceeded to do it anyway, so I got down on the floor, as usual, and explained why I was disappointed in him. He burst into "genuine" tears and tried to run into the living room. I grabbed him and just hugged on him and told him that I was so happy to see that he was sorry and I told him that I forgave him. After about 30 seconds he gave me a kiss and then toddled off to play. What a change from last week, where he would not even look me in the eyes when I corrected him.
John is super busy with school still! We are anxious for this chapter in our life to be complete. Poor John, his garage is a disaster because he hasn't had any time in the past 6 weeks to clean it. We have managed to set aside some quality time together, thanks to my mom who watches Drew for us.
We had a new little girl come over to watch Drew for a few hours this week while I work. Her name is Shelby and this was her first babysitting job. She is so sweet, Drew is in love with her! She has such a quiet and gentle spirit about her. When I came downstairs after about 2 hours Drew didn't run over to me like is normally the case. Then, when Shelby left he wouldn't let her put him down. He was actually sad that she had to go. I am so excited about this! Shelby kept Drew on his schedule and engaged him as well. He loves someone other than mommy to play with him!
Well, off to work on my first "movie" for the website. I should get it posted here shortly!

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