Monday, July 10, 2006

July 10, 2006
Greetings from the Hot and the Humid. The weather has finally changed to true Texas temperatures. It is awful, Drew is so full of energy and we can't go play outside because it is too hot. We finally went out tonight and played a little on his slide, but Drew became very flushed within minutes. His skin is just too fair.
We had an eventful 4th of July that ended with a great BBQ with lots of church couples. Drew enjoyed watching the other kids play video games and having all the women without children pick him up. Drew had to be the center of attention and mostly played with the adults - oh, that only child syndrome! I added a new song to the site they sums up where our family is spiritually right now. We have had a lot of different trials come at us from many different directions. Please keep us in your prayers and pray that the "peace of God which surpasses all understanding will guard our heart and soul and mind." I know that trials in our lives are there to edify our hearts and make us more like Christ. I am so blessed and I pray that this week I will get to a point where I am thankful for these trials. I want to be able to praise Him in these storms, knowing that He will raise me up when I become weak and that He will rain down his mercy. I know that is where God wants me to be, I just need to pray and meditate of the reassuring Word of God! "My help comes from the Lord, the maker of Heaven and Earth."
Drew has been rather cranky this week. He has also started to ignore instructions thinking that if he doesn't react we will think he did not hear us. I am a little frustrated with him and his recent behavior. I know he is just frustrated because he can't play outside; there are only so many books you can read and toys to play with day after day. Hopefully it will cool off a little one evening this week and I can take him to the park to run off some energy or to the pool to swim. Drew's latest game is to throw anything on the floor and say "Uh Oh." It is very cute. He is also into playing with all of Daddy's tools! He loves to walk around the house "fixing" things. Drew has a few new words - here you go, cheese, and sure. He also loves to shake his head "no" when given an instruction or when he knows something is going to happen that he doesn't want to do. We are trying to work on nodding his head "yes" but so far he loves no.
Well, I best get back to cleaning up my office!

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