Friday, June 30, 2006

June 30, 2006
I am growing up! I finally have moved to one nap each day! Mommy can't believe how busy I can be. I am always running around finding things to get into. This past week I have been a really good little boy. I now can say "cheese" which means please. I also say "ow, ow" when asked what a kitty says. I still love dogs! I think my puppy will be a life long companion. On Wednesday I went to my first dental appointment. The dentist looked in my mouth and made sure the enamel had formed on my back teeth. I was so glad when the dentist said I had nothing to worry about. When mommy was in the hospital at 30 weeks with her Kidney infection and a 104 degree fever the doctor said we should check out my teeth when they come in just to make sure the enamel on my teeth formed properly. Evadently high fevers can prevent enamel from forming.
Daddy just came back from a week in Oregon . He had so much fun shooting and visiting with his family. Mommy and I are so glad he was able to go, even though we missed him terrible.
Daddy just finished up another class for school. He is already working on two more classes for this second summer term. We are all so excited, only one more term left until Daddy is done with his C.J. Degree! Daddy also just finalized his foot surgery - it will be on August 24th. Poor Daddy will be laid up for about 4 weeks. Mommy gets to be his nurse and take care of him! Please pray that all goes will with the surgery and that it alleviates the pain in Daddy?s foot. His back has been hurting more than normal too so we are praying that this surgery helps with the back pain.
There isn't too much going on with me, I am swimming at the pool a lot and hanging out with Mommy and Nana during the day. Daddy has been coming home around 3:00 so I always get a good hour or so to wrestle with Daddy. Aunt Julie is coming for the weekend and we are all going to a concert on Saturday. I will make sure mom takes a lot of pictures.
Mommy is busy working and keeping things around the house peaceful and fun! She has been scrapbooking more; she recently finished a prayer book for me. The scrapbook has pictures of me with prayers that mommy and daddy have for my life. Mommy says that it is a good way to leave part of her legacy.
Well I think that is all for our family this week. Check back next week for more stories from our home! Oh, thanks to everyone who leaves comments for me. I love reading them and Mommy is putting them all in a book for me.

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